Thursday, August 07, 2008

three thoughts for the day

This is Paloma in the woods at Mt. Tom in MA, taken with my sister's camera phone. She's growing!

1. We just returned from a trip to MA and CT. It was wonderful, and Paloma is a great traveler. She loves being on the airplane, even for a cross country trip! It's kind of amazing.

Anyhoo, we finally disembarked for the final time and Derek says, "Do you want to be a pilot?" And she says "Yes!" "Want to be a dump truck driver?" "Yes!" "Want to be a physicist?" "Mmm... noooo. Blah, blah, blah!" I nearly fell over laughing.

2. Thinking of baby names... I've got some ideas for this new little one but haven't settled on anything yet.
******If you have names that make you think of being joyful, playful, brave, feel free to put 'em in the comments!

3. Maple sugar candy from Vermont is teh redonk. (That's my Internet speak for the day.)