Monday, August 11, 2008

K's "Urban Amish"!

My friend K writes a great blog (pssst... I can link it if you want, K!) and the other day, she wrote about being "Urban Amish." She's an awesome mama, cook and photographer. Being artsy like that, she makes fabulous home cooked meals and such.

I *love* the idea of being urban Amish! I take it to mean being crafty and nontoxic. :) I love baking bread and I've wanted to get into yogurt making forever. I use white vinegar or some water-plus-essential-oil for cleaning everything (this has actually worked to get rid of My Ultimate Nemesis, ants). And I also have wanted to make some soft stuffed toys for Paloma and Sparkle (sidenote: how cute is it that Paloma calls the baby in utero "Parkle baby"?!! I melt every time she says it.). And I'm signing up for sewing lessons stat.

So fun to get crafty. (And if you haven't visited etsy, I apologize for being your enabler.)

So in that spirit, here's a link to my friend's Make Baby Stuff website. It's fabulous. It's totally feeding my dreams of making toys and things for Sparkle and Paloma.

If I get cracking, I will post pictures of things I make as I go along.