Friday, August 22, 2008

Olympics withdrawal?

In previous Olympics years, I didn't mourn the end of The Pageantry, the Ecstasy/Agony/John Williamsian overwrought theme song. It was just another TV event that passed.

This year, I think I'm experiencing a bit of withdrawal. But when I think about it, the end of the races and the medal ceremonies is a small part of it. I think what I'm really going to miss is that peaceful nighttime ritual Derek and I had, snuggling on the couch together to cheer on some athlete or another. Laughing at the ridiculous ads. Cursing as yet another midnight passed and we couldn't tear ourselves away to get to bed.

We're not TV watchers in general, but I'm thinking we should institute a regular movie night or pick a TV show to follow, just for fun. Suggestions?