Friday, December 16, 2005

wedding photo- do I get a medal?

I haven't posted much about the actual wedding, mostly because getting photos organized is such a major time suck and pain in the butt. Here's one I love though. It's us dancing to At Last, to which I also walked down the aisle. I had SUCH a good time walking down the aisle! And I'd asked my bridesmaids to sway like sassy backup dancers at the front of the church while I walked up with my parents. I love that song! So it was great when our reception band (Dangerous Martini! ) did it for us at the reception, and the lovely ladies spontaneously recreated the joy and fun of that moment.
At Last dance Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

R and B plan to rob Town Bank

Ah, the joy of studying for the bar. I feel fortunate to have found a great class to prepare for the Feb CA bar. It's a lot of work. When the exam is finished in Feb., I'll be on the job hunt. I'm seeking lawyers who do transactional work in non-corporate settings.

And of course, there's the matter of babies. DH cannot wait to get started on this. We both know that realistically, we shouldn't start trying until summer 06 at the earliest. But that's mostly because of our careers. Our careers can only dictate so much before biology starts to kick in. I want to avoid a trip to the RE, if I can. (And if genetics is any indication, I shouldn't have a problem getting pregnant.)

Pet Peeve of the Day: ANY cutesy word/phrase used to describe pregnancy or getting pregnant- preggo, preggers, bun in the oven, baby dancing, baby dust. Those little-girly euphemisms completely creep me out.

Pet Fave of the Day: Looking at the tin of Christmas cookies DH and I baked a few days ago. He is so fun to cook with! I love my husband.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Force of Lip Gloss

Sometimes I get so serious about my career and forget that I do possess some frivolous knowledge that the world should have. For instance, my lip gloss aesthetic is at the highest level of development, if I do say so myself. Everyday, I see women who have chosen such wrong shades of lipstick and lipgloss, and I can't help but think how their faces would be so changed with a simple bit of advice. Sigh- maybe I should start a consultancy and brighten the world one mouth at a time.

Friday, December 02, 2005

At some point we've all been a ship afire

Here' s the link to the blog entry containing that remarkable phrase:

Help me figure out pop culture in my tv free home

Ok, so- we have a tv, but its only function is for watching movies, documentaries, and the occasional tv show (read: Arrested Development) that we rent from the little local video store. We rent something maybe twice or three times a month. We don't have cable tv, not even basic.

We decided to go this route because it saves us money and time. And keeps our heads clear of hours and hours of advertising, brain-melting programming and keeps us from sitting there snacking, motionless. I have never seen Survivor, American Idol, or The Apprentice. Somehow I'm ok with that.

We do, however, have cable Internet, and I have noticed when I log out of my email account that there is all this talk about some guy Cisco Adler. There was a picture of him and Mischa Barton. (I know actors' names and faces from the Internet, but mostly haven't seen tv people in action.)

Who can tell me what the fascination with this Cisco guy is? Is this the new hot guy? Really???

Reading Rainbow

I really, really want to finish a book. I start so many...

right now I'm almost at the end of Mrs. Dalloway, which I've really enjoyed. I'm fifty pages into Satanic Verses, which I always just thought I should read because it was such a cultural event when it came out. And I'm 700-and change into The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby, which is just around 800 pages long.

I guess it's clear where my interest is these days.

And I'm about 200 pages behind in my reading for bar studying! But catching up now.

If I had more time, I'd pick up any of the 'winning' books from this and last year (winners of the Pulitzer, the Nobel Prize, Man Booker, National Book Award, etc.). Cody's Books on Fourth Street had a table of these books all together, and my eyes took in the feast before me... usually I won't read a book simply because it has a medal stamped on its cover (and also because I have made NO time for reading! bad me). But these all looked legitimately good.

Like Florida, and The Piano Teacher.