Friday, December 02, 2005

Reading Rainbow

I really, really want to finish a book. I start so many...

right now I'm almost at the end of Mrs. Dalloway, which I've really enjoyed. I'm fifty pages into Satanic Verses, which I always just thought I should read because it was such a cultural event when it came out. And I'm 700-and change into The Unofficial Guide to Having a Baby, which is just around 800 pages long.

I guess it's clear where my interest is these days.

And I'm about 200 pages behind in my reading for bar studying! But catching up now.

If I had more time, I'd pick up any of the 'winning' books from this and last year (winners of the Pulitzer, the Nobel Prize, Man Booker, National Book Award, etc.). Cody's Books on Fourth Street had a table of these books all together, and my eyes took in the feast before me... usually I won't read a book simply because it has a medal stamped on its cover (and also because I have made NO time for reading! bad me). But these all looked legitimately good.

Like Florida, and The Piano Teacher.