Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who's Martha Coakley?

Well, there's a name I hope to hear more of. The email I just got from WomenCount explains why:

"Since the 2008 election, women have had several opportunities to gain seats in both the House and Senate. But so far, unfortunately, we’re at a net loss: down two seats in the House and even in the Senate.

Now we have another chance, and it’s big. The death of Sen. Edward Kennedy (Mass) has resulted in a special election set for Dec. 8th. State Attorney General Martha Coakley is leading in the early polls, but she faces stiff competition in a four-way primary.

Her biggest challenge: raising enough money to compete with the vast war chests of her opponents, including Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca and Rep. Mike Capuano. Both have already hit the airwaves with campaign ads.

Today, Sept. 30th, is a critical filing deadline. We need to help Coakley prove to the media, Massachusetts voters, and the pundits that she can keep up. Please donate today. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, makes a difference.

The first woman attorney general in Massachusetts, Coakley has been an advocate for women and children – and she has used her position to protect reproductive rights. Now it’s our turn to work for her.

There are three ways to help Martha Coakley win:

* Donate now – so your contribution will be counted in the filing period that closes today.
* Get active online. Post about Coakley on Facebook and Twitter and any other social network you use. Comment on blog posts about her. If you blog, write about her.
* Forward this e-mail to family and friends, especially those who live in Massachusetts. Voter turnout on Dec. 8th is critical. (Beni, Sam, other readers in MA-- that's you! :)

With your help, Martha can and will win this special election – and make history as the first woman Senator from Massachusetts. And then, we all win.

As always, thank you for your support.

The WomenCount Team"

Thursday, September 24, 2009

thankful Thursday- DANCE!

I'll admit it-- I am totally thrilled about Paloma's dance class.

Why is this an "admission?" Well, I realize there's a possible stage mother ish aspect to being excited for your daughter's dance class. I'm combing my own feelings, making sure that I'm "clean" and not hoping to live some crazy performing dream through her. Happily, I feel like after this self-inspection I can say that I'm really just excited for her because I know how much she loves to dance and move. [Sidebar, have you seen that show "Toddlers and Tiaras"? SHUDDER-- I can't even watch the commercials without getting that sour-lemon look on my face. This blog is public so I won't write how I really feel about those commercials, but I'm certain it's obvious anyway. Okay, I'll just do some free associating here. When I think of toddler pageants, I think: cheap; tawdry; exploitation; gross; idiotic; illiterate; fake nails; cheap; tawdry; wrong; and Grandpa's big FU to them in "Little Miss Sunshine." Ah, back at my happy place.]

On Tuesday, we went shopping at Encore for her dance clothes-- a pink leotard, pink tight, pink ballet shoes and black patent leather tap shoes. She sat patiently for the shoe fittings. When she tried on the tap shoes, she did a few shuffles and taps, then threw her arms open in a "TA DA!!!" gesture with a big smile. She seemed really natural in the tap shoes. And when we tried on the leotard, she cried when she had to put civilian clothes back on. And for a treat (this is like whipped cream on top of ice cream on top of cake), I got her a pink satin dance bag that she chose. It has three dancers on it, and two are brown which I thought was great-- anyone can dance and she can see that.

[Sidebar-- I should take her to an AXIS performance sometime. Sidesidebar: THIS is totally what I love about parenting, thinking about all the fun and interesting outings we can do together, and hearing what she thinks about it. I think her mind will be blown by both The Nutcracker and by modern dance.]

I watched the first few minutes of her class today. They did some stretching and practiced first position before I sneaked back to work. I can't wait to hear how the class went. I hope (and believe, from what I've already seen) that this will be a source of fun and expression for her.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

thankful Thursday- balancing work and motherhood

I was just over at momversation and saw this video:

There's so much talk about whether to feel guilty or not if you're a working mom.

Well, whenever people frame a question as either/or, my mind goes off to find a third option.

Wait wait. Let me start by saying that I work at home, supposedly part time, but to get anything done my older toddler is in preschool full time now, and the younger is watched by my mom (I'm lucky, I know). So there's already guilt that I couldn't finish my part time work in part time hours.

But do I feel guilty for working? I did, until I realized it doesn't help a darn thing. I've learned to let go of everything else when I'm with my little ones, and to just be solidly *with* them and not think about anything else, because let's face it, I am not going to get any work done while I'm caring for them, so might as well make our time together quality and pay attention to them.

Here's where the third option comes in. How about feeling good for working because it makes you happy and shows your kids that you do many things? Once, my mom herself admitted that she thinks it's a good idea to get out of the house and do things for yourself (this from a committed lifelong SAHM). I'm NOT saying that SAHMs are martyrs who should get out of the house!! Definitely not. I AM saying that one role usually doesn't define a person, not even one as enormously varied and beautiful as "mother," and that having other work in your life can be enriching not only for you, but for your kids.

In other words, take guilt out of the picture altogether, and see what's left-- enrichment? Excitement? Happiness? And hey, a paycheck? Health insurance (can of worms alert! can of worms alert!)? A whole sense of self?

So that's what I'm thankful for this Thursday. Grateful to be a mama, grateful also to have work I enjoy, and happy to let go of any guilt around it.

Friday, September 11, 2009

just say no to one shouldered dresses

I know, one shouldered dresses are totally au courant. See the fabulous Mrs.O style blog. I admire and respect Michelle Obama, but why, oh why did she start a trend that precious few in this country can follow? But on the other hand, I suppose starting trends based on what looks good on the masses would be just depressing.

But this, my friends, is why I say no:
Coco Rocha heads to the Alice Tully Hall in New Yorks Lincoln Center for the 2009 CFDA Fashion Awards

thankful Thursday, Friday edition

So I have another food related thankful Thursday. With summer winding down, it seems totally appropriate to give thanks for the season's bounty.

Today we had a simple but delicious dinner. We did organic whole grain mac n cheese under summer squash (yellow crookneck, green zucchini, another type of light green zucchini) that I sliced thinly, coated with olive oil and sea salt, and popped under the toaster oven's broiler. Finished with fresh ground black pepper.

Roasted squash is one of the best ways to eat it. The texture is perfect, and the taste is so fresh and delicious. I tossed some grated cheese on a few pieces to entice my toddler a little more, and I called them "chips." She loved it!

Zucchini crops

Thursday, September 03, 2009

thankful Thursday- what's for lunch?

I am so thankful for summer that continues long enough that tomatoes and basil are still abundant and good. Yay!

Just being in the month of September is enough to make my back-to-school stomach flutter, even though it's been a long time since I've been in school, and my little ones aren't worrying about it.

But our CSA box had a huge bunch of basil, and a bag of gorgeous tomatoes. I made an open face sandwich on Trader Joe's whole wheat sesame pita with yogurt cheese, basil, yellow tomatoes, Brianna's vinaigrette, and raw green beans on the side. It was so summery and fresh and delicious.

Forget Charlotte Allen and her nonsensical, ignorant, pro-mediocre-eating rants (you can see my comment on the second page). Truly WTF worthy.

I'm for the organic tomatoes.

home garden