Friday, September 11, 2009

thankful Thursday, Friday edition

So I have another food related thankful Thursday. With summer winding down, it seems totally appropriate to give thanks for the season's bounty.

Today we had a simple but delicious dinner. We did organic whole grain mac n cheese under summer squash (yellow crookneck, green zucchini, another type of light green zucchini) that I sliced thinly, coated with olive oil and sea salt, and popped under the toaster oven's broiler. Finished with fresh ground black pepper.

Roasted squash is one of the best ways to eat it. The texture is perfect, and the taste is so fresh and delicious. I tossed some grated cheese on a few pieces to entice my toddler a little more, and I called them "chips." She loved it!

Zucchini crops