Thursday, September 24, 2009

thankful Thursday- DANCE!

I'll admit it-- I am totally thrilled about Paloma's dance class.

Why is this an "admission?" Well, I realize there's a possible stage mother ish aspect to being excited for your daughter's dance class. I'm combing my own feelings, making sure that I'm "clean" and not hoping to live some crazy performing dream through her. Happily, I feel like after this self-inspection I can say that I'm really just excited for her because I know how much she loves to dance and move. [Sidebar, have you seen that show "Toddlers and Tiaras"? SHUDDER-- I can't even watch the commercials without getting that sour-lemon look on my face. This blog is public so I won't write how I really feel about those commercials, but I'm certain it's obvious anyway. Okay, I'll just do some free associating here. When I think of toddler pageants, I think: cheap; tawdry; exploitation; gross; idiotic; illiterate; fake nails; cheap; tawdry; wrong; and Grandpa's big FU to them in "Little Miss Sunshine." Ah, back at my happy place.]

On Tuesday, we went shopping at Encore for her dance clothes-- a pink leotard, pink tight, pink ballet shoes and black patent leather tap shoes. She sat patiently for the shoe fittings. When she tried on the tap shoes, she did a few shuffles and taps, then threw her arms open in a "TA DA!!!" gesture with a big smile. She seemed really natural in the tap shoes. And when we tried on the leotard, she cried when she had to put civilian clothes back on. And for a treat (this is like whipped cream on top of ice cream on top of cake), I got her a pink satin dance bag that she chose. It has three dancers on it, and two are brown which I thought was great-- anyone can dance and she can see that.

[Sidebar-- I should take her to an AXIS performance sometime. Sidesidebar: THIS is totally what I love about parenting, thinking about all the fun and interesting outings we can do together, and hearing what she thinks about it. I think her mind will be blown by both The Nutcracker and by modern dance.]

I watched the first few minutes of her class today. They did some stretching and practiced first position before I sneaked back to work. I can't wait to hear how the class went. I hope (and believe, from what I've already seen) that this will be a source of fun and expression for her.