Tuesday, March 12, 2013

all that matters about today

is that at the end of it, my four and six year olds spontaneously decided to give me a neck and shoulder massage.

Monday, March 11, 2013


As usual, there's so much to say on this, but at the very least I want to publicly get this out there: Thank you Zerlina.

Volumes have been said about what happened to my friend Zerlina on Hannity, including by Zerlina herself. I'm going to let this "thank you" speak for itself.

And it's also prompting me to write something on the meta and personal side about speaking up.

Speaking up is a choice. Sometimes I don't do it. My blood pressure is so low and I don't get riled up that much over little things. And I do get annoyed at people who get really angry over little things and I don't want to be like those people. I know we all have our triggers, but. I try to keep my indignation and anger for things that matter most to me.

And, true confessions on speaking up: Yes, sometimes I get silenced by things that are meant to silence me, by things that are oppressive. It sucks!

When it comes to big things, though, I do speak up. But I have my own style. I'm not a hero feminist who has Slayed the Demons with her mighty Sword of Justice. I admire those women a lot, but my style isn't swagger. It's just not. And I actually like that. I like being careful with words, I like being diplomatic, I like the power of making a point incisively rather than bludgeoning the shit out of people. (Not that hero feminists do that either.)

Here's when I wield the scalpel: When I see something so wrong or unjust that if it happened to my family or to me, I'd want an ally. I'd want someone to be there. I can't imagine leaving someone alone, high and dry, without a public voice of support. To me, that's the best and highest use of my blog -- being there for someone else, building a community of support for someone who needs it.

My blog is my own place for other things too-- beautiful things, art of all kinds. That's deeply important to me, too. This is a well-rounded blog.

 And today I'm using it to say thank you, and I'm with you Zerlina. #tyZerlina. Don't stop.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

argh (one of those posts)

I'm starting to feel a breakdown from not having quite enough time to blog as much and as well as I'd like (although I also think I need to dial down my filter sometimes, too). "Starting to" is the wrong phrase. This is a long-simmering problem.

I'm thinking about pretending that this is my tumblr since it feels so much easier to blog there sometimes.

I have more to say and time is up!! HA HA HA. Ok, this is blog is going to be an exercise in saying things fast.