Thursday, April 20, 2006

worth it

It is worth it, I've discovered, to enjoy a really great haircut and facial every once in awhile. Mind you, our family budget doesn't allow this to be a regular treat. But I've decided it makes a person look and feel so damn good, I'm going to spring for a good haircut every five months or so, with crap (well, at least less expensive) haircuts between. And I'm going to do a good facial too. Because DAMN. It's good stuff!

Pregnant lady likey. Non-pregnant ladies likey too. And why not- either way the relaxed, glowing feel of being taken care of and having your skin and hair massaged into glory is wonderful.

I am not a splurger. I don't buy tons of clothes, or even small amounts of clothes, regularly. Might spend on books, might go to the library. We don't have tv service-- if there's a really excellent show, we might rent it on dvd. But there is just no way to replicate the fabulous sensation of Spa Day for yourself. If you live in the Bay Area and want to know the Most Fabulous Salon Ever, leave a message and I'll get you the name of my place.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

pregnancy happiness

Pregnancy: So I am getting more and more excited about this pregnancy. I mean, we'd planned it and wanted it from the start (and I *know* how blessed we are even in that seemingly simple regard). But I'm at almost 13 weeks and it's still not very visible, and I'm getting past nausea (hooray!). But I was just hit with this realization that I am carrying the person who has some of my genes and some genes from the Most Amazing Man to Ever Walk the Face of the Planet. And that is exciting! Yeah, I like my husband okay. :)

Foodie: If you get "Sunset" magazine, I highly recommend trying the sticky chile chicken recipe from this month. It is fabulous. And I rarely cook chicken-- as in, this is the first time all year I've done it. Still came out great! I am planning to try the strawberry cream cake recipe tonight.

Please share if you have great recipes! I'm trying to cook more at home these days. Especially if your recipes use what's fresh right now (in the Bay Area), I'd love to see 'em. Thanks!!

Books: I'm reading TC Boyle's Tooth and Claw right now. The short stories are quite good, but I wasn't as into "Swept Away" as the jacket cover blurb writer was. I did think the first story, "When I Woke Up This Morning, Everything I Had Was Gone" was excellent in that it began very simply, but subtly wove in beautiful details and emotions, so that by the end of the story I really felt like I was in the hands of a master storyteller. Always good to start your collection of stories with a strong one!

Share your book recs!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Women's Circles rock

I just had the most fabulous experience at a pregnant women's circle I attended. It's *free*!! And it started with an hour of prenatal yoga on the ball, which felt so heavenly for my hips that I bought a ball of my own to take home. (though they supplied all the yoga gear- how great is this circle!)

Then we had an hour of introducing ourselves and sharing where we were in our pregnancies and if there were any issues going on. I learned so much and just felt so supported, which is great because I don't know anyone else in my circle of friends who is even thinking of getting pregnant. There were babies and toddlers there, too, which was so fun.

I am just so grateful that this is my life these days! Begone, depressed and cranky lawyers! Of course, I love and cherish my lawyer friends who are balanced and wonderful people. (They're a precious group.) But I say to my profession as a whole- toodles! I'll be back in a few years, doing something fulfilling for the state of the law. For now, I'm doing something fulfilling for my family and myself.

Cue Aretha Franklin: "Freedom, freedom...!"

Thursday, April 06, 2006

mama lovin'

I just read finslippy's latest and it really got me excited about the Mama Love!!! I cannot wait to nuzzle and cuddle and kiss my new little one.

DAMN Lionel Shriver and her pretentious book! It's called We Need To Talk About Kevin and it's narrated by a woman who raises a boy who starts out as a devil child and grows into a mass murderer. Was it nature or nurture or both, the book so cleverly queries. It was crap, I say.

I am so grateful to now be able to replace that with a much more positive, beautiful image of *happily* raising a wonderful boy. Or a girl! I don't yet know what we're having. But we're going to kiss it and love it and play with it so much, there won't be opportunity for devil tendencies to emerge. GAH! Must. Get. That. Crappy. Book. OUT of my head!!

I will think of birth, and hikes, and international travel with the baby, and kisses and hugs and silly jokes. Yay!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

catching up!

I'm sitting here wiping away tears because dumb msn popped up a video preview of the movie about United flight 93 (which crashed in PA on 9/11). Right after I happily watched the preview of "The Notorious Bettie Page"!

I think I still have some stress about it, and probably around most of my time in DC. As I've told my friends, there could not have been a more stressful time to be a law student in Washington DC than 2000-2003. (election madness, 9/11, blizzards, the sniper, murders, crazy drug dealing prostitute hermaphrodite downstairs neighbor, and law school craziness itself...)

Or I could just be more susceptible to it because I'm pregnant! Fortunately I think I am moving past the nausea part of pregnancy and into the hungry part, which I have really been looking forward to. :) Is there anyone else in the East Bay who is in their late twenties and pregnant? Anyone, anyone?

I'm loving the Berkeley Parents Network. An amazing trove of wisdom.