Thursday, April 20, 2006

worth it

It is worth it, I've discovered, to enjoy a really great haircut and facial every once in awhile. Mind you, our family budget doesn't allow this to be a regular treat. But I've decided it makes a person look and feel so damn good, I'm going to spring for a good haircut every five months or so, with crap (well, at least less expensive) haircuts between. And I'm going to do a good facial too. Because DAMN. It's good stuff!

Pregnant lady likey. Non-pregnant ladies likey too. And why not- either way the relaxed, glowing feel of being taken care of and having your skin and hair massaged into glory is wonderful.

I am not a splurger. I don't buy tons of clothes, or even small amounts of clothes, regularly. Might spend on books, might go to the library. We don't have tv service-- if there's a really excellent show, we might rent it on dvd. But there is just no way to replicate the fabulous sensation of Spa Day for yourself. If you live in the Bay Area and want to know the Most Fabulous Salon Ever, leave a message and I'll get you the name of my place.