Tuesday, April 18, 2006

pregnancy happiness

Pregnancy: So I am getting more and more excited about this pregnancy. I mean, we'd planned it and wanted it from the start (and I *know* how blessed we are even in that seemingly simple regard). But I'm at almost 13 weeks and it's still not very visible, and I'm getting past nausea (hooray!). But I was just hit with this realization that I am carrying the person who has some of my genes and some genes from the Most Amazing Man to Ever Walk the Face of the Planet. And that is exciting! Yeah, I like my husband okay. :)

Foodie: If you get "Sunset" magazine, I highly recommend trying the sticky chile chicken recipe from this month. It is fabulous. And I rarely cook chicken-- as in, this is the first time all year I've done it. Still came out great! I am planning to try the strawberry cream cake recipe tonight.

Please share if you have great recipes! I'm trying to cook more at home these days. Especially if your recipes use what's fresh right now (in the Bay Area), I'd love to see 'em. Thanks!!

Books: I'm reading TC Boyle's Tooth and Claw right now. The short stories are quite good, but I wasn't as into "Swept Away" as the jacket cover blurb writer was. I did think the first story, "When I Woke Up This Morning, Everything I Had Was Gone" was excellent in that it began very simply, but subtly wove in beautiful details and emotions, so that by the end of the story I really felt like I was in the hands of a master storyteller. Always good to start your collection of stories with a strong one!

Share your book recs!