Thursday, April 06, 2006

mama lovin'

I just read finslippy's latest and it really got me excited about the Mama Love!!! I cannot wait to nuzzle and cuddle and kiss my new little one.

DAMN Lionel Shriver and her pretentious book! It's called We Need To Talk About Kevin and it's narrated by a woman who raises a boy who starts out as a devil child and grows into a mass murderer. Was it nature or nurture or both, the book so cleverly queries. It was crap, I say.

I am so grateful to now be able to replace that with a much more positive, beautiful image of *happily* raising a wonderful boy. Or a girl! I don't yet know what we're having. But we're going to kiss it and love it and play with it so much, there won't be opportunity for devil tendencies to emerge. GAH! Must. Get. That. Crappy. Book. OUT of my head!!

I will think of birth, and hikes, and international travel with the baby, and kisses and hugs and silly jokes. Yay!