Friday, April 14, 2006

Women's Circles rock

I just had the most fabulous experience at a pregnant women's circle I attended. It's *free*!! And it started with an hour of prenatal yoga on the ball, which felt so heavenly for my hips that I bought a ball of my own to take home. (though they supplied all the yoga gear- how great is this circle!)

Then we had an hour of introducing ourselves and sharing where we were in our pregnancies and if there were any issues going on. I learned so much and just felt so supported, which is great because I don't know anyone else in my circle of friends who is even thinking of getting pregnant. There were babies and toddlers there, too, which was so fun.

I am just so grateful that this is my life these days! Begone, depressed and cranky lawyers! Of course, I love and cherish my lawyer friends who are balanced and wonderful people. (They're a precious group.) But I say to my profession as a whole- toodles! I'll be back in a few years, doing something fulfilling for the state of the law. For now, I'm doing something fulfilling for my family and myself.

Cue Aretha Franklin: "Freedom, freedom...!"