Wednesday, June 10, 2009

best bunny!

best bunny!
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Sometimes, my hermit-ish neighbors in this suburban town surprise me.

It was early evening, and I wanted to get some work in. So Derek took P out walking. P had insisted on wearing her tiger outfit. The thing fit and kept her warm enough, so I wasn't going to insist on Real Clothes.

A neighbor spotted her and came running out with a bunny outfit that her daughter had outgrown. I love this, since we normally never see the neighbors in this bedroom community. It's not the kind of place where kids play in the front yards. Kind of quiet. Serious. You would never peg it for bunny costume territory.

I was so into my computer that I didn't see her when she came back until her new bunny ear nearly brushed my cheek. And then I fell over laughing-- my P, who left as a tiger and returned as a bunny.