Tuesday, May 02, 2006

15 weeks and risin'...

I keep thinking of that Johnny Cash song about the river that keeps rising as I progress in this pregnancy. 15 weeks is a good time in pregnancy, I'm finding! I had a fun ultrasound today. The little alien has feet. Looks like they're not going to be dainty little things! :) But we got a shot of one foot pressed up against the side of the uterus. It was cute. We couldn't tell the sex, and we're still not sure we want to find out. At the next appointment is when we have to decide. At first I was leaning toward finding out. After all, the docs know, the ultrasound tech knows... D and I should know! And we could call it by name in utero. And we could deal with any issues we might have around "oh my god how will I parent a little boy/girl?!"

But now I'm thinking, why does it matter as long as we know it's healthy? It's a rare chance to love someone without knowing their sex, which could be interesting in terms of learning more about our subconscious and conscious approaches to people because of their sex. That is, our biases! I'm less into the "surprise" of it. I really think labor and delivery will be surprise enough. !! But it could be fun too, to surprise everyone else with "Meet our new daughter/son!" And we've talked so much about how we want to raise a child, whether it's a boy or girl, that we know that (at least for the first couple of years), things would likely be done much the same for either sex.

Leave a message if you've thought through this decision! Thanks!