Monday, May 08, 2006

the advice keeps a-comin'...

When people find out I'm pregnant, I get a lot of "OH! Well, enjoy doing [X activity] now because you sure won't be able to later!" They may as well add an evil "HA HA HA!!"

I usually feel like saying, "Well, duh. I expected my life would change, and actually I'm looking forward to it! But gee, thanks for the heads up." I mean, sure there will be days when I'm tired and want a few hours to myself. But the people commenting to me are usually so foreboding about the whole thing. Hey naysayers: Life is full of change all the time, whether or not you've got a child.

One friend, Jenny, was totally refreshing. She was so excited and we talked about all the things to look forward to. I got happy thinking about the plump little legs, the smiles, the nuzzling, and just generally mothering. Yeah, babies cry, it happens. But life rolls on, right? There are good times and hard times. Can't control it all, all the time.