Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Who's Martha Coakley?

Well, there's a name I hope to hear more of. The email I just got from WomenCount explains why:

"Since the 2008 election, women have had several opportunities to gain seats in both the House and Senate. But so far, unfortunately, we’re at a net loss: down two seats in the House and even in the Senate.

Now we have another chance, and it’s big. The death of Sen. Edward Kennedy (Mass) has resulted in a special election set for Dec. 8th. State Attorney General Martha Coakley is leading in the early polls, but she faces stiff competition in a four-way primary.

Her biggest challenge: raising enough money to compete with the vast war chests of her opponents, including Boston Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca and Rep. Mike Capuano. Both have already hit the airwaves with campaign ads.

Today, Sept. 30th, is a critical filing deadline. We need to help Coakley prove to the media, Massachusetts voters, and the pundits that she can keep up. Please donate today. Every contribution, regardless of the amount, makes a difference.

The first woman attorney general in Massachusetts, Coakley has been an advocate for women and children – and she has used her position to protect reproductive rights. Now it’s our turn to work for her.

There are three ways to help Martha Coakley win:

* Donate now – so your contribution will be counted in the filing period that closes today.
* Get active online. Post about Coakley on Facebook and Twitter and any other social network you use. Comment on blog posts about her. If you blog, write about her.
* Forward this e-mail to family and friends, especially those who live in Massachusetts. Voter turnout on Dec. 8th is critical. (Beni, Sam, other readers in MA-- that's you! :)

With your help, Martha can and will win this special election – and make history as the first woman Senator from Massachusetts. And then, we all win.

As always, thank you for your support.

The WomenCount Team"