Friday, December 02, 2005

Help me figure out pop culture in my tv free home

Ok, so- we have a tv, but its only function is for watching movies, documentaries, and the occasional tv show (read: Arrested Development) that we rent from the little local video store. We rent something maybe twice or three times a month. We don't have cable tv, not even basic.

We decided to go this route because it saves us money and time. And keeps our heads clear of hours and hours of advertising, brain-melting programming and keeps us from sitting there snacking, motionless. I have never seen Survivor, American Idol, or The Apprentice. Somehow I'm ok with that.

We do, however, have cable Internet, and I have noticed when I log out of my email account that there is all this talk about some guy Cisco Adler. There was a picture of him and Mischa Barton. (I know actors' names and faces from the Internet, but mostly haven't seen tv people in action.)

Who can tell me what the fascination with this Cisco guy is? Is this the new hot guy? Really???