Tuesday, August 19, 2008

PSA and cloth diaper review

If you're a cloth diaper user, I just found out about two great sales!

Cotton Babies did a big clearance a month or so ago. As usual, everything got cleared out in hours. But I just noticed that the BumGenius organic one size all in ones are on sale in butternut and white. $17 a pop is a great deal for these, which normally go for $24.95 each. I tried these when the sale came around the first time and liked them so much, I wished I'd bought more. So I just did. :) Whatever stitching problem they claim exists is hard for me to find. Of course, I've never used a first-run version of these, but they really work well.

The biggest pluses here are:
1. They're one size. They'll work from newborn up to 30 lbs! Talk about savings.
2. They're all in ones. No stuffing, no folding, no separate cover. This is as easy as disposable. And lots nicer.
3. They're organic. The pesticides that go into growing cotton account for a HUGE percentage of pesticide use overall, so going organic for cotton products makes a big difference in the world (and for the workers). Also, the quality of the cotton is spectacular. I've never felt a softer diaper.

Some people have reported trouble with the velcro tabs coming undone in the wash, but I haven't had that issue in the two weeks I've been using them. They get laundered once every two to three days, and they've been great. I noticed a tiny bit of lingering odor today, but I never have before. Maybe I should have washed in warm rather than cold. I dry on one regular dry cycle, then put them out in the sun to complete the drying. I washed them with some prefolds I use as wipes, and everything came out fine.

No stains at all, by the way. And no leaks! (We'll see how newborn poo goes...)

Kissaluvs is also having a big sale at their outlet store. Everyone I know who uses these loves them, but they do require a cover. However, since they're so apparently so good at keeping in messes, you shouldn't need a ton of covers. I haven't tried them, but if you're building up your stash and have tried one of these and liked it, now's your chance to stock up.