Tuesday, August 12, 2008

girl prefs, boy prefs?

What do girls and boys prefer? Well, if my sample size of one says anything, it's that it's hard to say what they prefer!

Paloma **loves** trucks and trains. (She's too busy inspecting it to be in the shot.)

Paloma loves shoes (even on the wrong feet). (These are darling Morgan and Milo sneaks.)

Paloma loves purses. (And playing with my wallet and cards.)

Paloma loves flowers.

Paloma loves getting piggy back rides (and giving them to her stuffed baby bear). Here she's on Aunt Beni's back.

Paloma loves football-- or any ball! She loves climbing things, and loves birds. She loves sparkles and blocks, dresses and her swimsuit. She loves reading books (especially books about new babies-- and dump trucks). Paloma LOVES swinging off any horizontal bar she can find- she has fabulous triceps. She loves singing and dancing to pretty music.

That's my well-rounded girl!