Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ad Review!

My favorite ad so far is the Chanel ad. The model's mod haircut and FANTASTIC tights make this photo for me.

The Calvin Klein ad at the very front reminds me, yet again, of 1992. Why, oh why, are we revisiting this? Is this, plus the supermodel ad, plus the Kurt Cobain retrospective in Fashion Rocks, VF's (and the fashion world's) way of saying we're heading back to the Year of the Great Democrat in the White House? Or is there less than that in these ads?

I am NOT enamored of any of the handbags advertised. They all look too slouchy, too print-y or textured, too ... well... they're tacky to me. To each their own!

Anyone else think David Yurman jewelry looks like costume pieces from grandma? All the chain links and heaviness.

Tiffany ad was gorgeous, and I love the yellow Versace dress and purse (yes, texture-y but beautifully built).

More to come!