Sunday, August 10, 2008

holistic parenting in suburbia! And Review of Pangea Organics massage oil

So, while we're planning our Great Getaway from Suburbia, we do have to make a life here. Even though it's not our permanent home, we have enjoyed lots of things here-- the community swimming pool just around the corner, the parks, the many trails nearby. Ah, if only the neighbors would talk to us! Sigh. Well, can't have it all! :)

But I did find this group a few months ago (ok, half a year ago). Has anyone ever attended a meeting of these folks, the Holistic Moms Network? They look great. I met the area chapter leader at Whole Foods months ago-- she approached me because of my t-shirt.

If you belong to a great local moms' group, I'd love to hear about it. And if you know about Holistic Moms, defs leave a comment.


I tried to get a fabulous nontoxic mani-pedi at Panache Spa in Berkeley but they were closed today! :( Darn. But I did manage to get to Elephant Pharmacy and pick up some Pangea Organics massage oil (on clearance sale!) as a treat for after I give birth in a couple months.

Lavender and cardamom are supposed to be calming, clarifying and warming, which sounds perfect, especially when it will be chilly out- and I'll be sleep deprived and probably in need of some calm clarity. The packaging is minimal and you can even plant the box it comes in! The company is committed to fair trade as well as organic practices-- I feel good about supporting them. And I think the oil massage will be really beneficial. After remembering what a challenge postpartum is, I'm looking forward to all the pampering I can get!