Saturday, February 16, 2008

review- Panache Spa, North Berkeley

I just had the Best Pedicure of my Entire Life. Now, I am not a huge pedicure junkie. I enjoy them but I don't get them regularly. However, I'd still say I can tell a good pedicure from a not-good one. This. Was. AMAZING! Here's what I told my online mama friends:

They had my feet in warm water in a huge wooden bowl with purple orchids, did all the cuticle and scrubbing stuff, then did a mint sugar scrub all over my legs and massaged me with grapefruit lotion and covered my legs with a hot towel. They brought me tea and a chocolate wafer cookie.

When Derek came in with Paloma, nobody blinked when she climbed into my lap and asked to nurse; they just said "look, how cute!" AND- there were two men, two women working- the man who greeted me also brought me the tea and helped bring stuff for the pedicure, and I appreciated the egalitarian service, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. All for $35. I think I can handle that a couple times a year. For you locals, it's the Panache spa in north Berkeley on Shattuck.

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