Friday, February 22, 2008

Colin Cowie, you're fabulous!

When I read this article in the SF Chron about party planner extraordinaire Colin Covie, I felt a connection. This man knows how to *live,* people. He earns a living throwing wonderful parties. He loves it so much, he thinks we all should be injecting more beauty (and for me, I'd add levity) into our lives. I say amen, brother.

I adore my collection of books and buy them carefully (libraries are for fun reading that I don't want to own). But I have to say, Colin Cowie's lovely book Chic is one that ought to be on my bookshelf. I can see that it's a book I'd refer to in pages and chapters, for a fun pick me up.

I took a look at his website, which should be required reading for anyone wanting inspiration for anything from wedding planning to party planning to home decor. Anyway, a website that has the words "fantastic," "elegant," "chic," "fabulous," and the most inspiring pictures on the homepage is a website that I'll be frequenting. Just because it's fun. I mean, I can't spend all my blog-reading time on CNN politics and DailyKos, right? Maybe it'll inspire me to have more fun with dinners-- or life in general! Who knows, but one can always hope.