Saturday, February 09, 2008

review- Greens at Fort Mason

I went to an amazing tech training in SF this past week. It was at Fort Mason and it. was. SUNNY!

Fort Mason is a beautiful setting for Greens restaurant. It's right on the marina and has floor to ceiling windows. The ambience is casually elegant.

The service was impeccable. We were seated quickly and attended to with care. When I go out to eat, when I finish a course I place my fork and knife on my plate with the fork tines down crossed over the knife. It's some obscure etiquette thing I read in a book, and it means "all done" (as opposed to "just taking a break"). I do it out of curiosity to see if the server will respond, but I don't hold it against anyone for not knowing.

A server immediately approached me and asked to remove the plate. It could have been a coincidence but it seemed very deliberate. I was impressed.

And the food! Much of the food comes from the dreamily beautiful Green Gulch Zen Center, where the fog rolls through the hills and valleys of Marin County to the ocean, visible from the farm. The food seems to retain this ethereal yet substantial quality.

The salad was gorgeous- grilled winter vegetables with a lovely shaved goat cheese and a perfectly paired vinaigrette. It was refreshing, savory and satisfying. I am definitely not the kind of person who feels disappointed when I don't have a truckload of food overloading the plate. The salad was small but the grilled, savory taste was perfect.

My entree was a brochette (kebab) of tofu, potato, onions, and some other veggies with a light peanut sauce. Coconut rice was on the side, and a spicy slaw. It was good-- not quite as good as the salad, but still bright and fresh.

Dessert was really special. Three tiny scoops of sorbet, all varieties of citrus- one satsuma, one tangerine, one variety I can't remember. It was wonderful to have them next to each other and be reminded how different they are. It gives me something to appreciate about each one.

A key lime cookie topped it all off.

Highly recommended!