Tuesday, February 05, 2008

no worries!

I love the title of this book: Einstein Never Used Flashcards: How Our Children Really Learn -- and Why They Need To Play More and Memorize Less.

Ain't that the whole truth. There is so much pressure these days to turn your child into a super achiever before birth (if you think I'm kidding, google "prenatal education"). But there's no real evidence that these fetal lectures lead to genius adults, much less happy ones.

D is an extremely talented physicist with an intimate knowledge of the work and life of Einstein. I trust him- and my own instincts- in the decision to make like Einstein, and give our child plenty of free play time. We don't have to put pressure on ourselves as parents or on our children to achieve a cookie cutter model of success. We simply need to nurture them, observe them carefully, and encourage them to explore and to have fun!

To enjoy the lightness of childhood, to learn to be low-stress and naturally curious, to be loving-- these are the things I will nurture in my child.