Friday, February 22, 2008

Poipu- more low-cost options in HI

Maybe I'm just noticing because we've booked our tickets to Hawaii this summer, but it seems like there are a lot of articles on low-cost options to visit to Islands. I'm all ears!

This lovely article from the SF Chronicle features Kauai. I love this first line:

"Rainbows are free.

So, of course, are blazing red sunsets, plumeria-scented trade breezes, golden sand, sensuously warm water and nodding coconut palms."

It's a simple but important point, I think. As I've been searching for lodging options, I've noticed that the glitzy places can be really distracting. They offer a lot of things that sound good in the moment, but then I realize that the breathtaking ocean views, the sound of the wind and waves, the sunsets are not just for those who lease a penthouse or get the presidential suite at a hotel. They're for everyone.

Just reading about the garlicky shrimp truck, the fragrant coconut desserts and all the other amazing roadside treats made my mouth water. We're bringing a toddler on this trip, so the fancy restaurants can be enjoyed at home with the grandparents babysitting.

(Very fortunately, we live in the Bay Area, so fancy restaurants are everywhere. Even the boring old suburbs are starting to realize they need to get classy to satisfy the desires of those driven out of the city by high prices but still want a taste of their old city life. But that's for another post.)

This article is great because it describes how you can enjoy Hawaii (Kauai in particular) in high style and low key. We are definitely interested in both! Bring on the mai tais AND the gorgeous trails. We'll be there.