Monday, January 07, 2008

Hillary vs. Barack (not to mention John!)

Ok, I'm writing this post because I HAVE to hear from others about this (if you're voting in the Democratic primary). D and I are big Obama supporters. He's articulate, he's got credibility on the community, law, and legislative fronts, and his message about "addition not division" seems to be resonating (which means we may actually see helpful legislation get passed in a hopefully Democrat-controlled Congress).

Obama clearly swept Iowa. But in my opinion, Clinton won that debate. It's weird to me how the press focuses on how she responded to Edwards in the debate, making it out to seem like some tirade. I thought she sounded strong but reasonable, just articulating her position and emphasizing her experience. She seemed really in control of her message and tone. Edwards was passionate and clear, so I'd put him second, and Obama third.

So how is Obama polling 10 points ahead of Clinton?

I'm still an Obama fan, but Clinton did a great job of swaying me. I'd love to hear your insights and opinions on this.