Sunday, January 06, 2008

best gift from the holidays

The hectic holiday travel and illnesses are thankfully coming to a close. We're gearing up for a new year, new routines. I'm looking back at the holiday season and reviewing my best gift.

Was it that aqua polyester pants and off the shoulder ensemble? Perhaps the trivia card game? What about the snide, vitriolic right-wing book tearing up my home state?

No, friends, though these each offer something unique, they weren't the Best Gift.

The best gift was the reminder that it is possible- and necessary- to find quiet spaces in the least likely nooks and crannies of time. That when I'm busiest, I find a moment to breathe, rebalance, find calm in:

- the ten seconds walking in from the garage through the laundry room
- a short bathroom break from my laptop
- taking five minutes to prepare a salad or omelet for lunch instead of eating standing up in front of the fridge
- going up or down the stairs

It's not a huge revelation. But maybe, maybe these little moments of peace will provide me just enough cushion to relieve the blows, setbacks, aches and pains of the day.

It's a very good way to begin 08.