Sunday, January 13, 2008

the great reminder

Saturday was a gorgeous, sunny day here. We made a decision to do no work, but to enjoy the day thoroughly. And we did! We ate the best Chinese food ever (I'm talking delicate sauces, perfect seasonings- not fast food, but fabulous). We had Ici ice cream for dessert, which is the most perfectly beautiful SOLE (sustainable organic local ethical- I didn't make that up) dessert ever.

And we ran into an old dance teacher of mine. His street clothes are dapper, always with a carnation in his lapel. He is the male version of Debbie Allen in "Fame" (carries and uses a big stick in class; yells things like "You will pay in sweat!" and means it; will make you do something 100 times and if your muscles are shaking, 100 times more). I haven't been in his studio in several years now.

He met D and admired P a lot, and asked who was going to be the strict one, because one of us had to, because when she looked up with "those anime eyes" and said please, someone would have to stand firm. And it ain't gonna be Daddy!

I said I had just been thinking about him and class, and how I'd *die* if I took class again. He put an arm around my shoulder firmly and replied, "Don't go looking for things to complain about! You have a beautiful life, a gorgeous daughter. You're a great looking couple."

I feel like I will never forget that. What a perspective! Instead of mourning the things my body won't do again (and what things! He could whip anyone into willowy, strong shape, just perfect for flying), I could celebrate everything right in my life. Instead of being ambitious and wanting to do more, I could savor the beautiful day and the happiness I have with my family. And so I do.