Monday, January 28, 2008

Ballot Bowl- McCain in FL

First, I have to say it's hilarious to me that CNN is dubbing its election coverage "Ballot Bowl 08." CNN and ESPN, they have so much in common now.

They showed part of Obama's speech in Birmingham the other day. One part that struck me was how recounted the NV debate and the question where the Democratic candidates were supposed to say what their biggest weakness was. He gave an answer re: his biggest weakness.

Clinton's answer sounded very much like the oo-oo-pick-me high school student that my friend Kevin has compared her to. She said something like "I'm just so impatient- to help the American people!!!" (yes, three exclamation points) Edwards also answered as if he were thinking "I know what you mean! You mean you really want to hear about my strengths!"

Which reminded me a lot of Flight of the Conchords "Business Time" (not safe for work!), where Jemaine croons "when you say 'is that it?!' I know what you really mean is 'awww, yeah, that's it!'"

SF Chronicle has endorsed Obama. Among their reasons- he answers the damn question.

But this post was about McCain's speech in FL. He was endorsed there, in person, by none other than Independent (or is that actually Decline-To-State) Senator Joe Lieberman! Y-i-k-e-s. While I watched, McCain took two questions from the audience. One woman asked, "Can we have prayer in schools?" I didn't catch his answer, but it was short. Must have been something like "Sure thing!" The next question was, "How far can we trust Saudi Arabia?" Uh huh. I know you're also wowed by the staggering depth and intellectual curiosity of the questions.

On to Feb 5!