Thursday, January 31, 2008

Fab kids' clothing and Flight of the Conchords

Ok, this is such a wordydoodle (you know what I mean by that, right?), but:

A friend sent me a coupon [dailytea20] for the Daily Tea website, which is absolutely gorgeous clothing for children. I am restraining myself from whipping out the credit card, restraining myself from justifying a purchase by telling myself they donate to the Global Fund for Children. Restraining...hands firmly on keyboard... not reaching for wallet...

Thinking of kids reminds me of a hilarious scene from Flight of the Conchords, which we're watching from Netflix, where Jemaine sings:

"Ladies, with your babies, make your babies, shake their booties!"

They were singing a song about shaking your booty and he kept thinking about baby booties, which makes perfect, perfect sense.