Saturday, January 26, 2008

Hawaii on a dime, according to the NYT

The NYT has an enticing article about Hawai'i-- "enticing" because it makes visiting the Islands sound like a reasonable, possible proposition.

Even frugal.

D bought us tickets to HI for Christmas. No lodging or rental car, just the plane tickets that were on a good sale. We are thrilled- it's the first time for both of us. (Which I feel a little shame for, having lived in CA for most of my life. But still! Better now than later, or never.)

But we've been pondering the best way to stay-- big oceanfront resort, charming B&B? Camping? (We're bringing the toddler with us, so I'm not *really* considering camping for a week. Maybe a night, but would it be worth it to lug all our stuff or rent it there? Nahhh.)

The article mentions a fabulous sounding B&B that's affordable and provides snorkeling gear with the room. And all the fruit you can eat hanging off the trees-- it sounds like you could feel right at home quickly. I'm realizing that this vision of Hawaii is the most appealing one to me-- close to the land. The big box resorts offer a kind of luxury, and sometimes that appeals, but in a place like Hawaii, I think I lean toward a more intimate kind of beauty. (If I were going to Las Vegas, I'd probably lean the other way.)