Monday, May 21, 2007

The Office- The Job!

So on a message board I participate on, we were discussing whether Jim meant a date date when he asked Pam to dinner, or just meant they were going out for dinner.

Sidebar: (It feels like we're DefCon on that thread! I love it! DefCon is one of my favorite concepts on that show. Reminds me of "Oh my god you guys!!" kind of frippery/friendship in Legally Blonde, a movie I boycotted forever because I thought I'd hate it...ah, life is funny.)

We decided it was most likely a date date, given how loaded the word is and how delicate their relationship is since Beach Games' Great Pam Revelation. Also, considering how the writers (too quickly, IMHO) "embitchenated" Karen and how being in NYC really polarized Jim and Karen (he: small town guy who eats tuna every lunch and who suggests going to the UN when in NYC; she: NYC regular who has friends there and knows the city)-- well, it makes sense that Jim is not a Karen kind of guy.

Probably even already left Karen. If he didn't, then it might make the "date" with Pam less date-y.

Ok, you Office fans, I know you have thoughts on this, so comment away!