Wednesday, May 16, 2007

lip gloss review!

Can't let another Tuesday go by (ok, officially it's Wednesday, but when you've got a baby, you blog when you can blog) without a lip gloss review!

Let's start with an oldie but goodie. There's a reason that Black Honey by Clinique is still around after a million and two years.

Don't be fooled by the dark color in the tube. It is the perfect shade!

Well, perfect if you're looking for a sheer-ish, redd-ish berry-ish yet still natural-ish color with shine. That had been my Holy Grail for years, and you'd better believe that with medium to dark skin, that wasn't easy to find.

But don't think it's limited to my skin shade! Ah no. This is the beauty of Black Honey. My dear friend Laurel has the most gorgeous red-red hair, clear blue eyes and pale skin. And she wears Black Honey like nobody's business.

Interestingly enough, we share a lot of the same lip glosses. If it looks good on me, it almost always looks good on her.

Black Honey comes in an Almost Lipstick and an honest-to-goodness lip gloss. The Almost Lipstick is sheer and light and can be layered to be a bit stronger (to a point-- it's quite sheer); the lip gloss is a true glossy, high-shine gloss applied with a wand and seems to have more pigment. I've found that both are true to the color; it's the texture that's different.

I've searched around for years, but nothing seems to top this one for a gorgeous sheer natural red that you can wear daytime to night, sheer to slick, formal, workplace, or picnicky. Enjoy it!