Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Daily Ritual

Without ritualizing certain aspects of my life-- such as writing and exercise-- I am losing them to the various needs of the baby and household.Thus, I'm hereby instituting The Daily Ritual.

I could also call this giving myself a good butt-kicking, lighting a fire under my ass or any number of gluteal-related self-discipline sayings. What it entails is this:
- writing a few sentences in my journal daily
- walking daily
- 25 minute toning workout daily

Three things to start with. I pretty much already do walk daily, so I can feel like I'm already with the program! Early success leads to further commitment. I just made that up, but my gut tells me it's true.

Wish me luck, everyone. If I can stick to this, I might be a better writer and lose a few pounds! The next thing I'll add, if all goes well, is a daily 10 minute Spanish lesson from one of five Teach Yourself Spanish! books that I have. (insert "rolling eyes at myself" emoticon here-- but I'm excited!)