Saturday, August 29, 2009

blush frozen yogurt

Today we visited Blush Organic Frozen Yogurt in Dublin, CA.


This is not Yogurtland, TuttiFrutti, or even Pinkberry. And it's definitely not TCBY. There are plenty of pretty good yogurt places out there, and I've noticed a proliferation of them lately. But a lot of them have that same old artificial flavor, or leave a weird taste or feeling in my mouth, and they're just not as refreshing as you'd hope a frozen yogurt would be.

Blush is perfect! It's mildly tart, perfectly flavored, with real fresh organic food ingredients. You'd think it'd be a given that food should have real food ingredients, but sadly it's not. And this is important to me-- I like my food and my personal hygiene products to be truly ingestible, not chemical stand-ins, how about you? Anyhoo, the texture is perfect and it's *clean*-- no gross aftertaste or texture that you need to swish out with a little Dixie cup of water.

If you live in the East Bay, it's worth stopping by Dublin for it. If you go now until September 4, Mondays through Thursdays, you can get a small for .99, which is a huge deal considering it's something like 2.75 for a small otherwise (I think). Enjoy!!!