Monday, August 03, 2009

surfing reawakened

It's been years and years since I've been surfing, and I use that term loosely-- more like attempted surfing. I think the last time might have been in Maryland when I was still in law school.

But Sunset magazine has not only reminded me that I want to go, it's given me ideas for how I can actually get back into it.

1. Stand up paddling. This looks like such fun! I watched a grizzled guy hanging out on the waves for a couple hours a few weekends ago in Santa Cruz, enjoying stand up paddling and chatting occasionally with the surfers and a nearby seal. I could see myself doing this, it's so mellow.

2. Go to Bolinas! There *is* a northern California beach for those of us who aren't Mavericks-bound. Bolinas is beautiful and relaxed.

Ah, Sunset, it gives so much, asks so little (besides my subscription fee, which I've renewed for years to come). Totally the best mag to get inspired-- not only do I know my next steps for getting back into the water, I also know what wine to follow it up with. ;)