Thursday, August 13, 2009

thankful Thursday

Can't be in this beautiful place without feeling grateful. I don't want to sound like some pageant queen, but I really do try to take time to be grateful everyday. Here's why (it's decidedly non-pageanty): I would probably go batty otherwise. There are countless annoying things that vie for my attention daily, but I just let them slide across my radar screen and focus on the awesome. Why? Because it is more fun that way.

Here is some awesome stuff I am grateful for:

- I mentioned being in a beautiful place. We are in the Sierras, invited by some friends who rented an amazing "cabin" (if by "cabin" you mean 7500 square feet of space on a lake, a couple kitchens, a couple dogs, a hot tub made of stone and an infinity of stars, then yes. We are staying in a cabin.). I am so grateful that a place like this even exists, let alone that I am allowed to set foot on it.

- The stars, of which there are many millions more than I can see.
- The trees, which have their own languages.
- My Derek, who loves me and our kids.
- My kids, who are thriving and healthy. Even when they're screaming, I am grateful that they are alive and well, and that I'm alive and well enough to hear them.
- The coffee our friends brewed this morning
- The ability to laugh at myself, my naivete, my silly ideas and mistakes without berating myself too much. Grateful for the energy to make the effort to improve.

Would love to hear some of your thoughts on gratitude too!