Monday, August 24, 2009

parent hack Monday

They're the wonderful and fabulous and adorable girls upon which I try all my parenting tricks. :)

Ah, Mondays aren't so bad. I wonder what other bloggers have designated Mondays for. Twitter does Music Monday, which is fun...

Back to the hack-- I noticed that a recent status update on Facebook seemed to strike a chord:

Derek and I realized that pretending we have eight children, but six are being taken care of by someone else for the day, makes having two children somehow seem much easier.

I have to say, this principle is SO helpful. I thought of it because of this entry on the Bar Method blog, which talks about our minds can easily trick our bodies into feeling strong or tired.

So I went to class and tried pretending that when the teacher said "10 more!" we really had 80 more to go, so that when she said "All done!" I'd be like "but I was all ready for 70 more of those!" (This is kind of backward from what the Bar Method blog actually says, which is that we hold back too much until the end and then realize we could have been working that hard the whole time. Maybe I'll try that next time...)

And then I got home to the kids, meal making, toys strewn, etc. And I thought, "But hey! How much more full would our hands be if we had EIGHT kids? Think about getting baths and dinners for ALL of them!!!

"But it's just these two right now. The other six are at camp. What a breeze!"

Suddenly, I swear, getting them into their carseats, getting to the potty, fixing meals, doing bathtime seems easier. Like, appreciably easier. Ah, mind games, I love them.

Got any parent hacks to share this fine Monday morning?