Monday, June 30, 2008

camping and wedding!

We spent a lot of time in the woods recently. Two weekends ago we were cabin camping in Sonoma, at the beautiful Valley of the Moon camp. And last weekend, we were in the mystical woods near Shelter Cove, way up on the Lost Coast, for the gorgeous wedding of one of my dearest friends. Minkie did beautifully in both situations-- she's a versatile girl!

It's really fun to parent Paloma as she grows and talks more. She's saying "Nooooo" and "Yeah!" in totally appropriate ways! It's really exciting to communicate like this. I've said it before, but... parenting really does get better and better. At least, when you're finally getting full nights of sleep again, it gets saner!

SIDEBAR: People who say, "Oh, you'll regret it when she talks back to you!" can shove it. (Can you tell that my pet peeve is parents who say "Just you wait" to me? Seriously, people. It is so annoying when parents/grandparents stealth-complain or condescend to me. Have you run across this?) Also, in positive news, I've also had total strangers come up to me on the street to say that parenting keeps getting better, even with their teens. Yep.

Into the woods!