Monday, July 21, 2008


ACK- it has been a busy month! I traveled to the Omega Institute last weekend for a workshop. It was great- we have such smart, talented members. In between our sessions, we could take free yoga classes, or meditate, or walk the grounds, or eat local organic ice cream in the cafe, or enjoy fab vegetarian meals...

Everyone was genuinely friendly, and when I say genuine, it's a good thing because there's a way in which these hippie enclaves can sometimes feel, well, fake, exclusive (especially if you're not white), and way too woo-woo. But this seemed like a grounded place with nice people.

And whatever woo there was, was grounded in thousands of years of yogic and other teaching, so it wasn't just pulled out of someone's karmic butt. I appreciate that.

I even made some signficant strides of my own, reading (yet again) Pema Chodron's Wisdom of No Escape (which I can't recommend highly enough to people who are about to give birth and/or become a parent- even if all you remember is the title, it will help!).

Here are some pictures of the lovely weekend.

Welcome! The lovely dining hall is just behind this field.

My shared cabin.

Pond next to the stairway leading to the sanctuary.