Thursday, July 24, 2008

three thoughts for the day

Mr. Giraffe...

1. My Plantronics Bluetooth wireless headset is COMPLETELY HORRIBLY FRUSTRATING because the thing WILL NOT STAY ON MY HEAD. My ears are apparently too small for it to hang properly and snugly fit. I do not have freakishly small ears. I Hate This Headset.

2. Minkie loves giraffes. Specifically, she is fascinated by pooping giraffes ever since she saw one at the Oakland Zoo. I'll admit that seeing a giraffe pooping, seeing all that poop fall from so high, is unforgettable even for an adult. For a 20 month old-- well, "poop" and "giraffe" are now inextricably linked.

So I got this for her from a fabulous Etsy seller.

I think it should be quite the motivator sitting next to her potty.

3. David Sedaris' Barrel Fever is good in print but even better on CD. The library is your friend for audiobooks.