Friday, July 25, 2008

Giraffe Potty Magic

So, I told you below how Minkie has this fascination with giraffes pooping and I thought I'd leverage that into some potty action.

Um, it worked.

So, I put the giraffe by the potty and then showed her the giraffe pretend-pooping into the potty a couple times. This morning, we were playing the giraffe-potty game and cheering like mad for the giraffe. And also swinging her back and forth (which she ADORES-- she says, "Mama whee? Mama whee?" to ask if I'll swing her. (We don't swing her too hard or around in circles to avoid pulling out her shoulder.)

So I got inspired and said, "You sit on the potty JUST LIKE THE GIRAFFE and Dada and I will "whee" you!" So she runs over and sits on the potty (wearing her diaper). Then runs over for a swing. Then makes her giraffe do it, and asks for the giraffe to get a swing.

We do this a couple times, cheering like CRAZY every time she sits on the potty. Then I ask her if she'd take off her diaper and sit. She reluctantly agreed. But she agreed! AND SHE SAT!!! Then cheered like you have never seen two adults cheer before, and we swung her. And we did it oh ten more times.

This is a breakthrough! Here is the same girl who only yesterday Absolutely Refused to get near the thing without a diaper. She barely would sit on it fully clothed and not if the lid was open.

I heart that giraffe.