Tuesday, June 10, 2008

butt-erflies for Father's Day

Ok, I know you're just dying to find the Greatest Father's Day gift there is. I have an idea for you-- if your baby daddy has a sense of humor, and your kid is still small enough for this to be not breaking some kind of law.

People, I give you-- Butt-erflies!! Yes, a very crafty (and hilarious) mama who participates in an online mama forum I'm on came up with this one. She paints each of her young kids' butts, then has them sit on a piece of paper. Then decorates it and makes it a card. Have a butt-erfly card for Father's Day! Watch it grow year to year!

I think P would not stand (or sit) for this, so I'm going to try tracing her butt on a piece of paper and making our butt-erfly that way.

Don't say Wordydoodles never did anything for you. ;) Come on, this project is worth about fifty-six thousand four hundred and two laughs, which will bolster even the strongest marriage/partnership.

Funny variation-- you could keep this and compare it to one you do after Thanksgiving, because, you know, forget about the turkey made by cutting out your hand tracing. Everyone knows the best new thing this Thanksgiving will be Thanksgiving butt-erflies!