Thursday, June 26, 2008

Paloma lately

It is so fun to parent Paloma as she grows. I really think parenting gets easier (at least physically) as they grow. And it is a lot easier to deal with the emotional ups and downs of growing up if you're getting a full night's sleep! There are things I love about infancy, but it really takes a ton of energy. Also, there are all the questions about how best to deal with career moves. I'm keeping the faith that it all works out somehow.

Paloma is into identifying "girls" and "boys" ever since I pointed out the difference earlier this week. She gets it right about 75% of the time, I'd say, and to be fair, it's not always totally obvious one way or the other anyway! It's funny-- I only said something about girl/boy once, but she immediately picked up on it and started labeling.

She also sorts people into mamas, dadas, nanas (grandmas) and babies. Anyone under, oh, 7 or so, is a baby. Anyone who looks older than around 50 is a nana. All others are mamas and dadas. Interesting!

And she LOVES singing, dancing and playing her tiny keyboard (attached to a songbook). Sometimes she does all three. I've tried to take a video of this, but once she notices the camera, all she wants to do is get behind the camera. One of these days I'll post a video!

Until then, here are some new pics:

In the second one, she's holding on to a couple of stuffed sea creatures (starfish, seashell) that a friend made for her. They were SO cute!! I'm totally inspired to make a bunch of these things. She's a really fun child, but she has her serious side. As you can see. :)