Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Panties for Burma!

This is hilarious. And it also sounds effective- so I had to share!

Women friends-

Your panties are needed for Burma! Women of Burma are tired of all the nonsense that has been happening with the military dictatorship-it is beyond ridiculous...peaceful protest, military resistance, diplomacy...all have been attempted and have not succeeded and so outrageous means are now necessary.

It is believed in Burma that contact with women's undergarments will rob men of their power. General Than Shwe-leader of the regime is especially fearful of women's undergarments. For more information visit Panty Power and the Panties for Peace campaign intends to bring down the regime one pair at a time and you can help now!

So clean out that underwear drawer ladies, write a message to the junta PEACE NOW!, DEMOCRACY NOW! (or whatever you wish)-or glue one of the military generals faces provided on the Lanna Action Website and send them off to the Embassy of Myanmar Address:

The Union of Myanmar. 2300 S Street, NW, Washington DC 20008. Telephone: (202) 332-3344

Please also take a picture (of the panties and/or you sending them off) and send to me so I can share with friends in Thailand-I know the instigators and was lucky enough to be involved when the plot was hatched! (NOTE: I don't know who the Kristen is who wrote this up. So, no need to send Wordydoodles your panty photos! :))

Women in Thailand, England, the Philippines and around the world have already taken part and now is time for the US step up our panty diplomacy! Circulate this to all who you know who wear panties-post it on your blogs and websites-send early-send often!