Friday, October 26, 2007

three together

It's time for one of those "I'm tired but I'm grateful" posts because, well, I'm so tired right now and it's good to remember why.

I'm tired because I haven't slept a full night through for a few months, because my baby's teething and wants to sleep next to us instead of in her crib.

I'm tired because I'm planning Paloma's first birthday party, which is tomorrow.

I'm tired because I ate too much sugar today, unable to keep my hands off the amazing cupcakes made from the Cheeseboard Collective Cookbook's Deep Dark Chocolate Loaves recipe.

I'm tired trying to do a lot of good work for free for nonprofits, also trying to finish a job application before Monday's deadline.

Put in other words...

My home is filled with the sounds of a growing baby, a baby who's learning to talk and walk and express herself in so many ways. A healthy baby who's thriving. My home is not silent.

My home is filled with joyous memories and anticipation for more good times with dear friends who have been with us so much of the way.

My home is filled with the delicious scents of baked-from-scratch-with-love goods.

And I'm holding out hope that I can do something I enjoy, from home, and actually get paid for it- a good hope to keep one going.


When I say it like that, it changes everything! It reminds me to revel in the delicious beauty of this time in our lives, this precious time when we two became three. Three figuring things out, three to share the ups and downs, three to share life together. Together!

To family! I can stay up. I'm not tired.