Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Freezer Paper Stencils=Magic!

I have recently tried my hand at the magic and wonder that is otherwise known as freezer paper stenciling. If you haven't tried it, be warned that the amazing results will have you feeling like a legitimate crafter right away. Even artistic.

And it is oh so easy! (I swear, the Home Shopping Network needs me.)

You can find good instructionals by googling "freezer paper stenciling" and great stencils by our friend google as well (or goodsearch, if you're so inclined).

The basic idea is:

1. find freezer paper at your supermarket (can't be waxed paper; must be paper on one side, waxed on the other)

2. draw your design. Soon you too will be discussing islands and bridges with your stencils.

3. Use an Xacto or some such cutter to cut out your design. (I feel like I'm in that "@!*? in a Box" video from SNL. You have to YouTube that. It is *hilarious.*)

4. Iron it on your shirt.

5. Use fabric paint to fill in your design.

6. Let dry, then carefully peel off the stencil. Voila! Perfection!

My first attempt was with a labor intensive lettered design: "PALOMA." It turned out really well. A friend said it looked silk screened. Here's are two photos of it:

I can't wait to do this all over the place!